8 Worst Social Media Blunders You Must Avoid

ImageSocial media has proven its worth for being an incredible power to boost company’s promotional activities & brand awareness. It is no doubt a great tool used by several renowned companies to push the company’s online presence, but it brings results, when it is used wisely.

To use the power of social media, it is not only important to consider the most important points but one must also ensure that he does not commit any mistake. To help you out, here we have mentioned 10 worst mistakes that should not be made while managing the social media optimization.

8 Worst Social Media Blunders to Avoid

1st Blunder: Irregular posts

If you have a social media account for your business, then it must be used creatively to reach to the existing as well as potential customers. For this, it is important to be regular in making the posts. If you want your company to be the customer’s first preference, then implement the strategies for providing relevant information to the customers as per their needs & interests.

Advise: Never bombard irrelevant info or content that is not of customer’s interest, in order to be regular in making posts.

2nd Blunder: Not reverting the replies

Never make a mistake by not replying the customer’s enquiries or relevant comments. Customers always expect a response and if they do not get so, then it can affect the client-company relation. Therefore, never put the customer on hold and be proactive in making the replies.

3rd Blunder: Lack of creativity

The social media has become utterly competitive, so to survive it and fulfill the purpose, it is important to stay out of the box. If you can hire a social media company to do this for you, then it would be able to handle it precisely by maintaining the consistency. The social media experts can grab the attention of the audience with humor, shock, motivation, & other outputs.

4th Blunder: Avoiding the competitor’s action

A professional company offering SEO services in Arizona explains the importance of keeping the track on competitor’s actions. As per the SEO expert of the company, “To become top ranker in the relevant searches made by the potential customers on internet, planning the strategies as per competition’s strategies play an important role. As it is important to know the needs & preferences of the audience, similarly, it is important to know what the competition is doing to meet it. This helps in planning the strategies one step ahead of the competition and reaching the customers in a better and well-planned way.”

Similarly, if social media is used as a marketing weapon, then along with brainstorming the original ideas, improvising the competition’s ideas can also be helpful.

5th Blunder: Becoming over-possessive with a negative comment

At social media, people are free to express their views (negative or positive). Also, some of the comments are anonymously posted, as there is no penalty for doing that. So, never take negative comments too seriously and try to focus upon the quality feedback only. Feedbacks are important to know about the weak points and work upon them. But it is important to decide which feedback is genuine.

6th Blunder: The excessive factor

The excess of anything can ruin its importance. For instance, if you like a particular TV commercial, then would you like to watch it over & over after every 5 minutes? No, you would get irritated with that. You have to understand the importance & relevance of everything. Being excessive with any activity can harm your business as well as annoy your fan list.

7th Blunder: Being isolated with the approachImage

If you are relying just on social media to market your business, then it wouldn’t give you desired results. Marketing & promotion of online business or e-commerce website should be done in various mediums like advertising, media buying, web development, & SEO to get the effective results. You must move out of the comfort zone and plan about spreading the network in every direction and every best possible mode.

8th Blunder: Failing to understand the platform

There are different social media platforms from which one can promote the business. It is important to identify which platform would pave the effective path to reach to the target audience. By selecting the precise platform, you can also move ahead with clear goals & planned strategy.
What mistakes would you like to add to this list? Questions? Comments? Share your feedback – we’d love to hear from you!


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