Tips to do Research for E-commerce SEO

ImageE-commerce is a booming business, so its SEO is equally important. While doing the SEO, research plays an important role, as it tells the exact scenario of the latest search engine algorithms. By considering the same, we have come up with the tips regarding ‘Keyword Research’ & ‘Competitor Research’ for effective SEO of e commerce website.

Keyword Research:
When doing the research for keywords, it is important to focus upon 3 specific areas, which are:
•    Identify keyword for Landing Page & Product Page:
For the business website, it is important to identify the crucial pages that would either generate sales or would be of interest of consumers/customers. In most cases, these are the landing page and product/service pages. The SEO companies must identify the competitive and most relevant keyword for the business, upon which strategies would be based.
When selecting the keyword using analysis tools like Google’s AdWords Keyword tool, be careful about certain aspects. Do not pick the keyword that has too much competition or the one which has too broad concept.

•    Extracting specific keywords for blogs
No doubt, blogs, articles, news, PR’s etc. hold great importance in SEO. For writing these posts, using the keywords in a smart manner is important. The writers must include the long tail keywords and highlight them by bolding or capitalizing them. With the long tail keywords, it is not easy to score high in ranking, but also beneficial in targeting the specific audience. Also, the blogs must not be over stuffed with the keywords, otherwise the posts would be considered as spam.

•    Escaping Keyword cannibalization
Keyword Cannibalization, as a term, might be unfamiliar to you but this is one thing that most of the online marketing experts do. When multiple webpages are ranked with the same keyword then that is termed as Keyword Cannibalization. A SEO expert explains the problem behind this. According to him, “The problem with this is that it’s confusing to the search engines. You end up forcing them to choose which page is more important for that particular keyword out of the group of webpages. This weakens your ability to obtain traffic for that keyword.
Therefore, SEO companies ought to make sure that two or more links must not be promoted with the single keyword.

Above discussed were some tips relating to keyword research. Now let us look over the tips for ‘competitor research’.

Competitor Research:
To make SEO successful, it is important to track the activities as well as performance of the competitors, because the fight for ranking is with the competitors. Here are certain tips that if considered when making research on the competitors would be beneficial.

•    Identify the competitors’ keywords & SEO strategies
The first step involves identifying the SEO strategies and keywords of the competitor’s campaign. The SEO experts must also keep a strict eye over the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authorities (PA) for webpages. Doing this would tell the performance of the DA or PA of competitor’s webpages. Accordingly, the search engImageines optimizers would decide which keyword to focus upon. For instance, if for particular keyword the DA or PA of competitor’s site is higher, then instead of working hard for the same keyword, it is wiser to work upon others.

•    Try to find the source of links:
If you can identify the source of inbound link at competitor’s website, then you can also link your webpages with those links. To identify the source of links, you can take help of the tools like Open Site Explorer to identify these links. But, while linking the webpages with those links, it is important to ensure that those pages are of good quality otherwise it would make bad impression on the search engine crawlers.

•    Check out the site design of the website opponents’
To see what other web marketing companies are doing for competitor’s webpages would give you a brief idea about your competition. When looking at the architecture for e-commerce website, focus upon sections like:
o    Popular products in a particular category
o    Related products
o    Top rated products
o    Recently viewed products

While noticing the architecture, jot down the good points, and try to incorporate those in your website as well.

Along with all these, the top web design companies research on identifying the competitor’s strategies, and make strategies to create a difference from them to reach to the target audience in a much better way.


PPC Campaign as an Important Marketing Tool

marketing 4 As an effective internet marketing & publicizing tool, PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns have brought several changes in the advertising of online business or e commerce website; however, it is still underutilized by several businesses. Let us know more about this advertising tool to understand its power.

What is PPC Campaign?
To publicize an item, PPC campaign is an apt way. Unlike other SEO activities, it gives instant results to determine how much is internet contributing towards the growth of the particular promotional device. There are different types of accessible choices available to the internet marketing masters & online promoters; for instance, basic member system following and progressed PPC campaign.

It is an effective path to direct the traffic towards the website. Also, here the advertiser would just pay for the number of clicks which he would get on the particular ad. Here, picking keywords is the most crucial task, as the marketing is done on that only.

What is the importance of PPC?
Pay per click or cost per click services promotes an item or service in an efficient way. Here, the advertiser or business owner just has to pay for the number of clicks he gets for the particular campaign or component. The pay per click company specifically selects the fundamental words and develops a strategy to get more clicks for viewing as well as buying the related product/service.

If we have to sum up the importance, then it would be:
•    PPC can include the profit of carrying the right eyes to the item
•    The principle profit of PPC for advertisers is installment for outcomes
•    PPC permits sponsors to pay just for the clicks they get

Now, let us also have a look at the basic difference between the PPC & SEO

Difference between the PPC & SEO
Several internet marketing experts are confused between the SEO & PPC. Let us understand the differences to know how these both differ from each other:

SEO is a process to enhance sites SERPs (internet search engine result pages) on search engines like Google; whereas, PPC is a paid elective option adopted to enhance the website’s position in the SERPs.

Pay Per Click or PPC is a path to get the noticeable position in the SERPs by paying search engine sites.

SEO is of two types On page & Off page. The SEO companies adopt various techniques & strategies to work upon the structure, route, copy, content, titles, and other coding in On-page SEO, and well-planned joining procedures, site connecting, index and gateway submissions in off-page SEO. Both these types of SEO are worked together by the search engine optimization experts to boost the website’s overall statistics and rankings.

Now, let us look at certain mistakes, which shouldn’t be done in the PPC:Marketing3

  •     Undefined Targeting: Do not commit the mistake by planning the PPC campaign without specifying the target audience. If you want to stay away from irrelevant clicks, then predefine the geographical target and proceed accordingly.
  •     Ignoring the weak: In PPC campaigns, it is important to track the performance of each page site, if any one of them is underperforming, then take relevant actions against them, otherwise, you might affect the revenue generation.
  •     Working on wrong keyword: New online marketing experts, at most of the times, fail to work upon the correct keyword. If broad keywords are used, then that might create lot of damage and even the starting cost would become higher. Prefer to go for more relevant & specific keywords in order to get the most out of it.
  •     Avoiding testing Ads: Launching an ad campaign and never test its relevance is the biggest blunder. In the beginning, one does not know what’ll work and what won’t. So, it is always a better to keep a check on every activity. Also, it is important to check which ad gets maximum click and which one is giving maximum conversion clicks.

So, these are certain aspects, which one should take care of while handling PPC campaigns.

8 Worst Social Media Blunders You Must Avoid

ImageSocial media has proven its worth for being an incredible power to boost company’s promotional activities & brand awareness. It is no doubt a great tool used by several renowned companies to push the company’s online presence, but it brings results, when it is used wisely.

To use the power of social media, it is not only important to consider the most important points but one must also ensure that he does not commit any mistake. To help you out, here we have mentioned 10 worst mistakes that should not be made while managing the social media optimization.

8 Worst Social Media Blunders to Avoid

1st Blunder: Irregular posts

If you have a social media account for your business, then it must be used creatively to reach to the existing as well as potential customers. For this, it is important to be regular in making the posts. If you want your company to be the customer’s first preference, then implement the strategies for providing relevant information to the customers as per their needs & interests.

Advise: Never bombard irrelevant info or content that is not of customer’s interest, in order to be regular in making posts.

2nd Blunder: Not reverting the replies

Never make a mistake by not replying the customer’s enquiries or relevant comments. Customers always expect a response and if they do not get so, then it can affect the client-company relation. Therefore, never put the customer on hold and be proactive in making the replies.

3rd Blunder: Lack of creativity

The social media has become utterly competitive, so to survive it and fulfill the purpose, it is important to stay out of the box. If you can hire a social media company to do this for you, then it would be able to handle it precisely by maintaining the consistency. The social media experts can grab the attention of the audience with humor, shock, motivation, & other outputs.

4th Blunder: Avoiding the competitor’s action

A professional company offering SEO services in Arizona explains the importance of keeping the track on competitor’s actions. As per the SEO expert of the company, “To become top ranker in the relevant searches made by the potential customers on internet, planning the strategies as per competition’s strategies play an important role. As it is important to know the needs & preferences of the audience, similarly, it is important to know what the competition is doing to meet it. This helps in planning the strategies one step ahead of the competition and reaching the customers in a better and well-planned way.”

Similarly, if social media is used as a marketing weapon, then along with brainstorming the original ideas, improvising the competition’s ideas can also be helpful.

5th Blunder: Becoming over-possessive with a negative comment

At social media, people are free to express their views (negative or positive). Also, some of the comments are anonymously posted, as there is no penalty for doing that. So, never take negative comments too seriously and try to focus upon the quality feedback only. Feedbacks are important to know about the weak points and work upon them. But it is important to decide which feedback is genuine.

6th Blunder: The excessive factor

The excess of anything can ruin its importance. For instance, if you like a particular TV commercial, then would you like to watch it over & over after every 5 minutes? No, you would get irritated with that. You have to understand the importance & relevance of everything. Being excessive with any activity can harm your business as well as annoy your fan list.

7th Blunder: Being isolated with the approachImage

If you are relying just on social media to market your business, then it wouldn’t give you desired results. Marketing & promotion of online business or e-commerce website should be done in various mediums like advertising, media buying, web development, & SEO to get the effective results. You must move out of the comfort zone and plan about spreading the network in every direction and every best possible mode.

8th Blunder: Failing to understand the platform

There are different social media platforms from which one can promote the business. It is important to identify which platform would pave the effective path to reach to the target audience. By selecting the precise platform, you can also move ahead with clear goals & planned strategy.
What mistakes would you like to add to this list? Questions? Comments? Share your feedback – we’d love to hear from you!